Australian Wine Brands : Vintage Longbottom By Marisa D'Vari

It was so much fun to see Vintner Kim Longbottom of Vintage Longbottom at dinner yesterday.

Kim created a very powerful Australian wine brand with her Henry’s Drive Shiraz.

This Australian wine brand is founded on the true story of how the post was delivered in Australia in the early part of the last century.

Though Kim Longbottom did not major in wine marketing at university, it is very clever how she used this true, simple story of how mail was delivered back in the day to create such a strong Australian wine brand.

Last night, arrived in New York with several of her new wines.

So much has happened since I last saw her! Very exciting things too.

For Kim, possibly the most exciting thing is that her daughter Margo joined Vintage Longbottom as partner.

Margo is just 21, but already knows a lot about wine — and what she likes.

Margo grew up in vineyards so she knows vineyard management, and what it takes to grow vines and make good wine.

When she finishes university and after some time observing vineyards around the world, she’ll settle in at Vintage Longbottom.

Australian Wine Brand 101: Change in Company Name, Change in Location

As briefly discussed, Vintage Longbottom company was once called “Henry’s Drive.”

Kim has changed the company name to Vintage Longbottom to reflect her new focus. Yet she still retains the use of “Henry’s Drive” for the top Shiraz and Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

The white wines and first-level red have the letter “H” in front of their varietal name.

In addition to the Vintage Longbottom name change, Kim Longbottom has changed location. Her physical location, and that of her vineyards, are now in the Adelaide Hills.

So last night, beyond catching up about news of her daughter and her new life in the bigger, more dynamic city of Adelaide Hills, we tried the wines.

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